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  • US/Canada Scheduling For New Episodes
  • New Forum Banners! (3/21)
  • Video Archive Removal (10/24)
  • Image Resizing Feature Upgrade (8/21)
  • Season 6 Hiatus & Ruminations (Updated 7/11)
  • We Have A New Default Theme!

  • Current Episode: S7E11 "Not Asking For Trouble"
    Next Episode: S7E12 "Discordant Harmony"

    Next Episode:

    Coming to Theaters October 6th, 2017!
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    [4] No illegal material (by the standards of the United States, where our server is based), no pornography, no warez, or pirated media.

    [5] The content of this board is considered Rated PG. Themes of a tangential sexual nature can be discussed, but must be contained in the areas specified. This means while discussing orientation, or questions on romantic advice are okay, explicit discussions about engaging in sexual activity, or making explicit sexual comments toward another member is not allowed . This applies to Role Play (RP), and also covers private messages as well.

    [6] If you post spoilers regarding a recent TV show or movie in a thread, please put them in spoiler code. Neglecting to do so could lead to a warning.

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    If you break these rules, you may receive a warning. 5 warnings equals a ban at the discretion of the Administrator. Please, everypony, let us just be good to one another. If we do that, we can avoid having to deal with any of these things. Be kind to your fellow brony or non-brony; male, female, gay, straight, young, old, it doesn't matter. Here, everypony is equal. Okay?

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    Captain of the Guard [8,000]
    Duke/Duchess of Canterlot [10,000]
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    Element of Harmony [20,000]
    Celestial Alicorn [25,000]

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