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    Hello Everypony! Itching to read a new pony related adventure? The Ponyville Library, ran by Princess Twilight Sparkle, has just the right book for you! Here you will find stories written by the pony community. Some will be local, others far away, beyond the boundaries of Equestria. So, get started by browsing through our catalog!

    If you wish to submit a story to the library, click below:


    A Simpler TimeDJLowriderWhat started as a normal friendly visit ends up taking two ponies on a trip down memory lane that leads them both to realize their friendship began even before Rainbow Dash's first sonic rainboom.
    Word Count: 4,130; Rating: [G]
    CarnivoresPrince BluebloodThree hungry beings just land in Equestria... what's worse can happen? - Crossover with SW:TCW
    Word Count: 4,684; Rating: [M]
    Cultivating LoveLotusTeaDragonLife on the farm isn't just about chores, it's about preparing for the unexpected, accepting change, and embracing the ponies in your life who help make that change.
    Word Count: 7,887; Rating: [G]
    Derpy Hooves: Hero of Epsilon 2DJ Pon-3This is the story of how I, Derpy Hooves, saved the people of Epsilon 2.
    Word Count: 497; Rating: [G]
    Derpy Hooves: Hero and Muffin Queen of Scolon 8DJ Pon-3This is the continuing adventures of how I, Derpy Hooves, saved the people of Scolon 8.
    Word Count: 865; Rating: [G]
    Flash Sentry's InterviewPrince BluebloodShining Armor decides it's time to give Flash Sentry a much needed interview about his plans regarding Twilight.
    Word Count: 993; Rating: [T]
    Going HomeR.O.T.R.A young pony is traveling home, and meets a familiar friend along the way.
    Word Count: 6,798; Rating: [G]
    Great and PowerfulLynkedA lighthearted story about Twilight Sparkle and Trixie Lulamoon. This involves some shipping.
    Word Count: 1,163; Rating: [T]
    Hearth's Warming's HeartLotusTeaDragonA short story about our favorite ponies on the night of Hearth's Warming Eve.
    Word Count: 1,043; Rating: [G]
    Hot Tea and Sugar CookiesLotusTeaDragonApplejack and Rainbow Dash are spending a cold, wintery day together, around the table, sharing hot tea and cookies.
    Word Count: 2,389; Rating: [T]
    My Little FanfictionA1X3Probably the greatest fanfiction ever. You'll laugh, you'll cry! You'll read it because now you want to know what's in it.
    Word Count: 761; Rating: [G]
    Of Clouds, Seeds, and Apple TreesLotusTeaDragonRainbow Dash thinks she loves Applejack, but what will she do? This story takes place after the Season 2 finale of MLP:FiM.
    Word Count: 27,318; Rating: [T]
    One Hearth's Warming EveCaisiusOn the eve of Hearth's Warming, families gather around the comfort of warm fires and tell the stories of the holiday. But not everypony can have that luxury.
    Word Count: 5,245; Rating:[G]
    Orange and Blue, I DoLotusTeaDragonThis is Book 3 in the AppleDash series. Applejack and Rainbow Dash have become a couple. What awaits them next?
    Word Count: 34,234; Rating: [T]
    Rainbow Dash Buys A Ford PintoLotusTeaDragonRainbow Dash is given the task of buying a vehicle for Applejack, so she can haul her apples back and forth to the market.
    Word Count: 3,417; Rating: [G]
    Read With MethebleachchickTwilight discovers her passion for reading and wishes to share it with others
    Word Count: 1,332; Rating: [G]
    Saddlebags, Sun, and On the RunLotusTeaDragonRainbow Dash and Applejack take their friends to Los Pegasus? What could go wrong? This is the sequel to "Of Clouds, Seeds, and Apple Trees."
    Word Count: 42,537; Rating: [T]
    Shibuya Cross-roadsLostSanityVinyl Scratch, better known by her stage name "DJ-PON3," has woken up in the UG of Shibuya. Of course, she doesn't know this. All she knows is that she didn't wake up in her bed.
    Word Count: 65,652; Rating: [T]
    The Fruits of Our LaborsLotusTeaDragonApplejack is requested by HRH Princess Cadance, to travel north to the Crystal Empire in order to assist her and Shining Armor in cultivating the long lost crystal apple, a fruit imagined to have powerful healing properties, when grown properly.
    Word Count: 14,557; Rating: [T]
    WindedLotusTeaDragonWinding Whisper and his wife, Allegro Zephyr, finally have some time to themselves, and they will spend it together, catching up on all of the things she's missed while away on business.
    Word Count: 2,605; Rating: [G]

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