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  • New Forum Banners! (3/21)
  • Video Archive Removal (10/24)
  • Image Resizing Feature Upgrade (8/21)
  • Season 6 Hiatus & Ruminations (Updated 7/11)
  • We Have A New Default Theme!
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    New Banners!

    Posted by Rainbow Dash (Admins) at Mar 21 2017, 05:25 PM. 0 comments

    New banners! Seriously, this topic is about new banners. I always take pride in them. With the new season coming up, I felt we needed a fresh update across the board. I tried to match up a color with each theme, to make it more seamless and organic. I hope you like them!

    The four colors are:

    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    And they match each theme.

    Questions? Comments? Ideas? Accolades? Harsh whinnies criticisms?

    Video Archive Removal

    Posted by Rainbow Dash (Admins) at Oct 1 2016, 12:02 AM. One comment

    After this season, I will be removing the video archive. It's not actually an archive, for one, as it is just a system to allow someone to quickly find a working link to a pony episode. Of course, the reason we have had it for as long as we have, is because was started back when finding newly released episodes wasn't easy, and when constant takedowns prevented people from finding quality uploads. With the advent of Netflix having pony on their site, and with the now wide availability and ease of access to other sources, the video archive is no longer a necessity.

    Instead, I will be posting a video link in the discussion thread for each new episode. Thanks to sites like Dailymotion, it is rare that videos are taken down, and even if they are, new ones are updated quickly. If you have any questions, or comments, please feel free to ask as always. :smile3:


    Image Resizing Feature Upgrade

    Posted by Rainbow Dash (Admins) at Aug 21 2016, 11:00 PM. 0 comments

    Hello everypony,

    As you know, when you post an image, it automatically shrinks down to a manageable size as not to cause page breaks and screen stretching. Until now, you had to be satisfied with the default 800x600 resized image. This was okay for things like memes and standard resolution photos, but hi-res images and images like desktop captures would look shrunk down and nearly unreadable. So I have modified the code to make those images clickable. When you click on the image, it will load in another tab or window (depending upon how you have your browser setup), in the full resolution of that image.

    Want to try it? Click the image shown below!

    Posted Image

    I have tested it on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge, and it works on all of them. If you have any questions or comments, ask away, and I'll answer as best as I can. :)



    Season 6 Hiatus & Ruminations

    Posted by Rainbow Dash (Admins) at Jun 17 2016, 12:08 AM. 2 comments

    Hello Everypony!

    So, the season 6 hiatus has begun. You'll note at the top of the forum that the countdown clock actually has a countdown date. Well, don't put too much stock in it. I have the date set for what I believe is the best possible guess regarding the second half of the season to resume, which I have postulated will be October 20th. I may be off by a month, I may be right on the money, there's really no way to know. Still, as soon as I get word of an official date, I'll update the clock and let everyone know.

    It feels weird knowing there won't be any pony episodes each week for a while. I have to say I've enjoyed the episodes to date, and I think season 6 has several that are easily in the top 10 best episodes, but that's just my opinion, yours may vary. I've always heard a few things, and anyone who wants to talk about it please feel free. I've been seeing a lot more disinterest in the show. I don't mean busy schedules (we all have those), but bronies (and those who don't wish to be called bronies) actually stepping away from the show, and the fandom in general. What do you think is the cause? I know some people don't like the direction in which the show has taken itself, others aren't fond of the community, as it has become acidic and frustrating in some sections.

    Personally, my enjoyment of the show still continues as strong as ever. Season one is still my all-time favorite, but I have found something to love from each and every season. Still, that's just me. I love the community, I love the show, I love the contributions people make: art, music, fiction, animation, it seems that the creativity in this fandom is practically unlimited in its diversity and execution. That gratifies me. As many of you know, pony was a lifesaver for me, so I have a very special bond with it, but I know I'm not alone in that. Many of you connected to MLP in personal ways, and it has changed at least some perspectives in our lives, this I know.

    So what do you think? What does the season 6 hiatus mean for you? How do you feel about the state of the Brony fandom? Do you still like our little community? I'm curious. Please feel free to comment away. :)


    P.S. Cute Twilight pose for everypony to enjoy:

    Posted Image

    Season 5 Video Archive

    Posted by Rainbow Dash (Admins) at Mar 24 2016, 11:15 PM. One comment

    Hello everypony!

    Since season 6 starts this weekend, we're going to start removing season 5's video links. The first half of season 5 will be removed this weekend (probably Sunday), while the second half will be removed by next weekend. So save those links, or watch the episodes, because we're making room for the next season of episode links!


    News & Announcement Box is Back!

    Posted by Rainbow Dash (Admins) at Mar 20 2016, 04:10 AM. 0 comments

    The news and announcement box is back! Now that we're going to have regular episodes again, it was time to bring back the countdown and the episode box.
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


    Notification and Like Systems

    Posted by Rainbow Dash (Admins) at Mar 6 2016, 08:43 PM. 8 comments

    Hello! I've been working awfully hard (sleeping) and wanted to let you all know we have two new features on the board:

    FIRST: We have a "Brohoof" system, where you can like someone's post. It doesn't have any value beyond simple agreement, but I figured it would be a nice addition. We don't have a dislike system because I don't want that kind of negativity. Any dislikes can be handled in an actual post, where it can be discussed.

    SECOND: We have a quote mention system. If you want someone to respond to a reply you've posted to them, simply quote their post before you type out your response. When you submit your post, you'll see a little pop up box in the corner say the quote mention is being submitted. When that person logs in, or visits the forum, they'll see a notification in the upper right hand corner of the board that says "Quote Mentions" and the number of mentions they have. You can then hover over that, and then click on the link that it displays. If you have more than one mention, it works the same way. The notification will remain until you get the chance to view it.

    Busy Busy Busy!

    UPDATE: The like (Brohoof) system should now notify you if someone likes one of your posts! You'll see notifications in the upper right hand corner. :D

    Default Theme Change

    Posted by Rainbow Dash (Admins) at Mar 6 2016, 07:35 PM. 0 comments

    Our default theme is now "Tea Garden" in anticipation of Spring. I don't always change themes, but I wanted to try something a little softer, a little more neutral, and I hope this one fits the bill. Plus, I really think it looks good. For anyone who still wants to use our old default theme, just choose "Misty Woods" from the theme selector. :)

    The Arcade - A Poll

    Posted by Rainbow Dash (Admins) at Mar 6 2016, 12:15 AM. 5 comments

    Does anyone still play it? While my temporary solution seemed to work, it has become longer than temporary, and there's no sign of any new arcade server being designed for Zetaboards. Right now, the arcade takes up bandwidth and storage space, and I was curious as to whether or not anyone still played it. I have listed some pros and cons of the arcade as it stands:

    Classic games on the board can be fun.
    Um... Pac Man?

    No high scores capability
    No saved scores
    No rankings
    No community trophies
    No account authentication (you can't keep track of your scores or log in with your account)
    No games larger than maximum file hosting size (which is small)
    Uses some of our limited storage space

    There doesn't seem to really be a reason to keep it. Playing flash games is easy to do, and there are far more games. I think the arcade was a holdover from my old message board where we had an arcade and an active game community (which is long gone now). I tried to recreate that same thing here, and I think it failed.

    So please vote.
    Voting will be closed March 13th.

    New Mobile Theme

    Posted by Rainbow Dash (Admins) at Feb 26 2016, 05:05 AM. 0 comments

    Hello everyone! I have added a new mobile theme to Brony Kingdom. It should work far better than the patchwork I had put together before. This one's just called BK Mobile Theme, and I hope you like it.

    Oh, while I'm thinking of mobile themes, our host is working to create a backend with Tapatalk so we can use that if we wish. I'll keep you informed as soon as it becomes available!

    Be awesome!


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